Unattended Youth Recreational Use Policy



Children who are 9 years old and older who visit the library on their own.


The Delaware City Library (DCL) is designed to serve children and families with a wide range of collections, programs, and services. It is the policy of the Delaware City Library to provide a safe and appropriate environment for library customers of all ages. The Delaware City Library operates a community library with staff trained to provide public library services, but is not equipped to provide long or short term daycare for children of any age.

Children and teens age 9-17 are permitted to use the library without a parent/caregiver/legal guardian present. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable library environment for all, the Delaware City Library requires all unattended youth using the library recreationally and their parent(s)/caregiver(s)/legal guardian(s) to review the Unattended Youth Recreational Use Policy and sign and return the attached agreement. All unattended youth will be unable to use the library recreationally until the agreement is completed and returned to a library staff member. If any information provided on the agreement is false, inaccurate, or otherwise results in failure for DCL staff to reach a responsible party, the agreement will be considered incomplete until updated and/or accurate information is provided.

Recreational use is defined as any use of the library that does not include activities associated with the use of a public library such as reading, studying, using library materials and equipment, participating in library programs, or use of meeting rooms.